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Melee training with low level creatures

Melee training with low level creatures


When you are registered as a free player and teleported to lumbridge castle, what is your first thing to do?You can buy osrs gold from us, go to Grand Exchange to exchange weapons and equipment, start melee training, because you will encounter different types of goblins or enemies, unless you don't want to make your role in the game stronger.

Melee skills

Melee is one of three Combat classes in old school runeScape. It includes the use of swords, daggers, and other weapons to injure opponents and wear armor made of various metals.

Melee cannot be attacked from a distance because they can use safespots. However, Melee has a high resistance to long-range attacks, which does not work for the archers.


At the beginning, you need to deal with low-level opponents, through the bridge in front of lumbridge castle, you will see many goblins ,you can attack them. Remember to bring weapons and armor. When you kill them,here will drop some items, like cabbage or beer and other things, and you can eat some to supplement the energy.


Then, go through the goblin's place, go north, you can see the chicken farm, and Chickens are very weak, you can easily kill it, they are killed and drop feathers and raw chicken.

Collecting stacked feathers for fishing or selling in Grand Exchange, you can also cook raw chicken, which can improve cooking level.


The cow fields is near the large chicken farm. It is recommended that you reach 10 to kill it. Because the time to kill the cow is a bit longer, there are too many low-level players on the cow fields. Some players use bows and arrows to kill the cow.

These three creatures are very low level in the game, no doubt, they are the best choice for your melee training. This is just the beginning. Remember to buy osrs gold here and other things we can help you with.

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