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Faceless Assassins appeared in runescape.

Faceless Assassins appeared in runescape.


New Assassins have come out of the shadow in the lands of Gielinor, and beckon you to join them.

Faceless Assassins is a Treasure Hunter promotion running from 24 January to 29 January 2018. The player can open Treasure Hunter to receive an assassin's contract that can be clicked to begin the event. complete tasks on the Assassin's Contract to earn fabulous new prizes, including the fearsome Faceless Assassin outfit. Ironman Mode players can instead collect the contract from Diango. Complete all 16 tasks on the Assassin's Contract to unlock the full outfit in blue, then prestige and re-complete the tasks multiple times to unlock more colour options, plus weapon overrides and the assassin's walk override! Tasks may be skipped through the use of subcontracts, which can be won from Treasure Hunter. This is useful for free players who want to complete a single row (or column) and members who don't meet the minimum required level to complete a task

Note: Ironmen should speak to the Faceless Assassin hiding somewhere around the world to tick off the Heist minigame task automatically.

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