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Rebuilding the destroyed Edgeville

Rebuilding the destroyed Edgeville


Edgeville has been partially destroyed,you need to rebuild it, you can buy runescape gold here.Rebuilding Edgeville is a short miniquest,and you can complete your next task list.Please continue reading below.

Start rebuilding Edgeville

You need to talk to Mandrith inside the Edgeville Bank,he will ask you to help repair the damage caused from the Dragonkin attack. If you accept it, he will give you a to-do list with the contents of the task,which you can complete in any order.

clean the scorch marks

You can clean the scorch marks first,which must be done using Aggie's broom. Only when Aggie is away from the player can the broom be successfully used. The broom must use 100 water runes before use.

When you enter any scuff marks on Edgeville,then left click on the broom to clear them.This must be done four times in total.Each of these actions can get 12,500 magical experiences.

Repair broken buildings

Use some wood to fix all the broken buildings,or choose to either burn the bones directly to the north of the bank or place it on the south wall of the building. Any kind of action can gain 5,000 prayers.

Clean up the river

Next, clean the fairy ring in the eastern part of the river with 5 bitter mushrooms,which gives 10,000 agricultural experience.Then the debris that can be found in the river must be cleared, which will grant 5,000 mining experiences.

Cultivate the burned tree

Finally, you must use a magical watering can to cultivate four burnt trees. 2500 agricultural experiences can be obtained for each tree cultivated. Any four people around Edgeville will do it.

Once you have completed the tasks in the list,there will be a golden dragon waiting for you,at any time of this update you use a dragon's light you have the opportunity to untie the pet of the "Effy" our ancient statue! Also don't forget to buy runescape gold here, we will provide you with the best service.

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