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Magic and spellbook in old school

Magic and spellbook in old school


Magic is one of the most important skills in the old school runescape. It is used for fighting.We sell runescape 2007 gold here.If you need it, you can ask us for help.Magic allows crafted items to be enchanted,fast transport around the world via teleports.

The largest runescape 2007 gold source

Magic can be used to convert items to coins through high alchemy.It may be the largest gold source in the game. Although you can play games without using magic,you can use many spells,especially advanced alchemy and conveyors.


The Lunar Spells are a spellbook,like ancient magicks,that is accessible to players who have completed the lunar diplomacy quest.

Astral runes

Astral runes are made using rune-making skills.You cannot make runes through the abyss.

These are all related to magic. It has a myriad of mysteries, waiting for you to explore.We always sell runescape 2007 gold here. When you need it, you can contact us. We have been here waiting for you to come.

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