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Things to watch out for when defeating Moss Giant Boss

Things to watch out for when defeating Moss Giant Boss


Bryophyta is the first free-to-play monster capable of poisoning,recently many players have been fascinated by this. Is she easily defeated? You can buy cheap runescape 2007 gold here, and read more news about the Moss Giant boss previously updated. Today I will introduce some content that will help you. Please follow my rhythm to continue reading.

A mossy key

First of all, you need a key to enter the lair of Bryophyta. A mossy key only allows one attempt,and all players must obtain it from the moss giant.

Bryophyta's essence

Bryophyta's essence is an add-on dropped by Bryophyta. When used with a battlestaff, Bryophyta's staff will be created.

Bryophyta's staff

The staff can be charged with up to 1,000 nature runes. When using any spell cast, it will have a 1/15 chance of not using nature rune. In order to make the staff tradeable once more, players must use all of the staff's charges or uncharge the staff.

How to defeat the growthling?

Moss plants occasionally summon growthlings to attack the player. There are only three growthlings in her nest and they are weak, but the player must kill it with an axe or a pair of secateurs,because the bryophytes are not hurt when they are alive.

These are the things you need to pay attention to when attacking Moss Giant Boss. Don't forget. Also remember that we have cheap runescape 2007 gold and other items here. Enjoy the game now!

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