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How to get the FireCape & Inferno cape services in OSRS ?

How to get the FireCape & Inferno cape services in OSRS ?


With the rise of the Coronavirus we advise that you stay inside, avoid social gatherings, wash your hands, and be more cautious than normal. Staying inside is boring, and what better way to occupy your time then play OSRS? Unfortunately grinding for gold is a huge pain, especially if you are not a member. SellRs07 has the affordable gold you want so you can jump into the fun aspects of OSRS without the painful grind! Are you struggling with your FireCape? We got you covered! Can't complete that pesky quest? We got you covered! We offer tons of services here at SellRs07 with unbeatable prices!


We all know that for the past few months the HiScores has not been functioning properly. We finally received a fix for this bug with the last game update. The HiScores system has been put under a lot of stress as of recently with the new boss HiScores, causing it to crash and not load. We are super happy, especially us Pkers to be able to look up our opponents during fights again. Speaking of Pkers, there may be a change to the scene soon.

What PVP state do you want?

Recently Jagex has brought up the idea of removing PvP worlds (Sorry C Engineer) and moving everything PvP related, including Last Man Standing to the wilderness all in the same area. Currently PvP is too spread out, and Jagex would like to move everyone closer, thus making fights easier to be found, and just making this a little more organized. Jagex has also brought up the idea of figuring out a way to make new players feel more comfortable in PvP scenarios as of right now it is almost impossible for a new player to get into the PvP scene with no experience. What's your thoughts on the new proposed PvP changes? We would love to hear your input.

Do you want to get a cheap Cape quickly?

We have super good deals here at SellRs07 on Firecape & Inferno Cape services with med level stats, we can complete all 63 waves of the fight caves for you for as low as $6.66, Pure firecapes for as low as $15.38! Don't miss out on these great deals! We even do IronMan capes! We all know that one friend that has been struggling to get that Firecape for months, that struggle is over with the friendly, quick, and professional services of SellRs07! We also offer Inferno Cape services! That's right SellRs07 will complete the HARDEST PvM challenge in all of Old School Runescape for you, with a very reasonable fee of $190. What are you waiting for? Order now & have that cape in no time!


SellRs07 is here to conveniently help you with your casual and competitive gaming needs! Ranging from gold, quests, minigames to good FireCape services etc ,we can help you get what you need FAST. We are looking forward to assisting you & we can answer any questions you may have 24/7 with our live chat agents. Happy Gaming Scapers! & remember to stay safe during this worldwide pandemic.

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