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Announcing the Public Test Realm-New quests & New weapons

Announcing the Public Test Realm-New quests & New weapons


After more than a month, the New World has finally ushered in the field of public testing. The testing projects include new Void Gauntlet weapons, new quests, PVP factional quests, improved main stories, etc. we read together and express our views on the official website forum. Don't forget to buy cheap New World coins here to enhance your equipment and make you stand out in New World?

The Varangian Raiders have gone south

New dangers have landed on our southern shores! The varangia Raiders cruelly divided parts of each territory to establish an operation base. Players need to find Abigail Rose in the wilds of Western Everfall to start performing one of the two new quests available

New weapon - Void Gauntlet

The Void Gauntlet has appeared in the eternal city. It is very suitable for group combat. It can defeat the enemy and enhance the strength of allies with rich gain and loss Arsenal. The two skill trees available for void hand guards are annihilation and decay. The annihilation tree focuses on maximizing close range damage and rotating around the void blade, which is a summoning blade with corrosive void energy. Rotting trees provide long-range healing and benefit reduction effects, and rotate around the rotting ball

New enemies scattered in aeternum:

  • Withered Swarmancer
  • beetle
  • the Lost Shaman
  • Pirate Alligator
  • Ancient Guardian Skeleton Mage
  • enhanced Corrupted Laborers

Three new PvP faction quest types

  • Control points - these missions send you to take control of the fort.
  • Intercept - defeat enemy faction members and collect their tears!
  • War camp loot- Retrieve hidden plans from enemy camps.

In addition to the release of the Void Gauntlet, the official website also released a new legendary weapon quest series.Note that you'll need to have completed "Magaki's Strategem" in Shattered Mountain and Legatus Fulvius's quest series in Reekwater to qualify.We'll see you in Aeternum.

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