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Duel Arena Changes & The best place to get osrs gold

Duel Arena Changes & The best place to get osrs gold


The plan to replace the duel arena with something new last month has been realized this week, and a number of measures have been introduced to reduce the harm of the duel arena,this will give each player a different experience,and please dont forget to get osrs gold from us

Short term changes of the duel Arena:

  • stake limit: the game sets a stake limit of 10 million GP per player, per duel.and the values of members and free game accounts are the same.
  • Two new presets have been added: two new presets have been added according to the settings that players usually use for "whip" and "boxing" duels. Neither of these presets forces you to use particular weapons - for example, the ‘whip’ presets allow you to equip any one-handed weapon,not just whips.

More improvements:

  • Players can no longer attack temporos fishing points.
  • The collection log entries for confession gloves will now be updated when logging in and opening the log.
  • Messages sent while drinking alcoholic beverages (in game!) have been added to the spam filter.
  • Players who run out of time in the holy tomb will no longer be returned to the hall prematurely when completing a floor.
  • Fixed a problem with the word "null" in the mobile user store menu.
  • Corrected capitalization errors in the spellbook side panel.
  • You now need 4 times or more firepower to put the lit candle into the empty candle lantern.
  • The names of the various monkey bones have been changed to reflect what kind of ape they come from so that players can easily track what they handed over to zooknock.

Duel Arena Changes-This long-term solution will be launched in 2022, when the official website will replace the duel arena with something more engaging and enjoyable.Please remember to buy more osrs gold for less money here,this is your best choice,we also support the most advanced and secure digital cryptocurrency.

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