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Vorkath's attack styles & battle strategy


Vorkath is a draconic boss-monster first encountered during the Dragon Slayer II quest as the penultimate boss. Vorkath is considered to be a blue dragon used to perform Slayer tasks. Although vorkath has many attack methods, we can still defeat it after mastering the strategy,and you can buy osrs gold from here .

Vorkath's six standard attacks :

  • Magic Attack
  • Ranged Attack
  • Normal Dragonfire Attack
  • Venom Dragonfire Attack
  • Pink Dragonfire Attack
  • Deadly Dragonfire Attack
  • Vorkath's 2 special attacks:
  • Acid Pool Attack
  • Zombified Ice Dragonfire Attack

How to deal with Acid Pool Quickfire Barrage?

When Vorkath spits poison pools on the ground, players should continuously walk on clean ground to avoid damage. Don't stand or move on the acid pool, otherwise it will reduce the player's health and heals Vorkath.

Woox Walk can be used for melee and ranged weapons:

For players using melee, once your weapon hits Vorkath, quickly move back two spaces and click wokas again, and repeat until the attack is over.

For players using ranged, there are two options:

Blowpipe - use blowpipe, which requires at least two acid free tiles. Since the blowpipe has a range of 5 when used on "accurate" and "fast", please stand six spaces away from vorkath. Once you attack vorkath, your character will automatically walk a tile towards it - quickly click on the tile you stand on, and then repeat.

Crossbow - the range of the crossbow is 8. Players need to stand on the outer edge of the arena. Once you attack vorkath, your character will automatically walk a tile towards it - quickly click on the tile you stand on, and then repeat.

Zombified Ice Dragonfire is another special attack of vorkath

Vorkath will launch white dragonfire and apply the ice barrage effect. Then vorkath throws a Zombified spark into the air, which lands several spaces away and climbs towards the player. If the product touches the player, it will explode and cause damage according to the percentage of its hp. If it is not affected, it can cause up to 60 damage. Spawning has 38 health, but regardless of your magic attack bonus, as long as it is not - 64 or lower, the crumble undead spell will kill it immediately.

Players should put the crush undead spell in the queue and cast it immediately after it lands, so as to prevent damage in this special attack. Once spawning explodes or is killed, ice bomb and damage immunity will be removed through the game can buy osrs vorkath skills service if need.

Notice: beware of vorkath's acid pool rapid fire barrage, instant kill vertical dragon fire and suicide generation, because each of these attacks can kill players almost immediately.

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