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PJ Timer Beta & Safe OSRS Fire Cape Service

PJ Timer Beta & Safe OSRS Fire Cape Service


This week, the official website released PJ timer beta, economic and other updates, as well as more plans for our product promotion activities

PJ timer beta

About PJ timer beta - we call time in the game "cycle". Each cycle is equal to 0.6 seconds, also known as "tick". For some unfamiliar players, a grace period of 16 cycles (9.6 seconds) is set here, starting when the player attacks something and preventing them from being hit by the player's opponent or aggressive monster until the timer runs out.

With this beta, PJ timer will be active in all unidirectional and single plus areas of the wilderness. Therefore, if player a has just completed the PVP battle with player B, player C will not be able to attack them for 16 cycles. This is a good change.

Another change is that NPCs now respect the PJ Timer - so if player a fights PVP with player B, NPCs will not be able to participate in the action until the PJ timer runs out.

Some activities will be blocked during combat, including the duration of PJ timer:

  • Setting new Chinchompa or Salamander traps (picking up, checking and dismantling them is still fine!)
  • Fishing Dark Crabs
  • Mining

Economic update: the small tax on Grand Exchange transactions

RS official website has implemented bank space expansion and real golden sink. By charging a small fee for each transaction, it will reduce the gold circulation in the game and help solve the problem of increasing the number of prestige items in the game. With the tax update, when the owner of an item makes a sale offer, the game itself may buy and delete the item and pay part of the tax to the seller.

This is the last month of 2021. In order to thank new and old customers for their long-term support and trust, our company launched an incentive scheme - "Double Twelve" preferential activity. All customers who buy our products on December 12 can get an additional 1m-5m gold reward for free, In addition, our regular customers know that can buy fast and safe osrs fire cape service from our website, as well as more related services such as OSRS void knight, OSRS vorkath kills, etc

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