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How to avoid fraud in runescape 2007 market for new players!

How to avoid fraud in runescape 2007 market for new players!


As more and more people are in love with runescape in recent years, according to the official website statistics current registered members account has more than 200000000 players, so the runescape game of items and runescpe gold trading in the global player market has formed a huge market. From the current largest trading platform PA osrs gold transactions have been occupying the top selling sales of the game. His sales even exceed the size of the world's largest gaming wow gold deal. Currently there are several forms of trading market on the Internet.

  • Forum Trade
  • Facebook Trade
  • Website Trade

The Forum is where players gather to discuss the game experience, which also provides gold trading services, the more well-known professional rs player forums have syne powerbot osbot forum usually runescape gold below the market, you can find a lot of open Players released to buy and sell rs gold post. The buyer can use the feedback information to measure the reliability of the trader. However, from the report fraud report, many cheaters have a good feedback. The author himself went through being cheated by a seller with more than 130 acclaims. Afterwards, I reported to the forum administrator that the seller's account was closed but I could not get back my money loss. The most common way to deceive the forum is to imitate the big seller's account, such as tomil and tomll Sometimes you are hard to distinguish clear and wrong Skype account until you manage to report to the Forum, the original just talk is not the seller I, just an imitator. Suggest that players can take a look at the forum report column posts, there are many cases of being cheated, and only we can be wary enough to avoid losses.

Facebook there are a lot of player groups, and some even specialized runescape trading team. However, the risk is difficult to grasp, you can see a lot of different trading posts but you are new entrants, you do not have the correct information inside the group, I once had a record of fraud cheated by the team manager for 70m osrs gold, I let the team manager as middleman, however, kicked me out of the group directly after the deal was over, and the player did not even have the chance to report it. So this should be the highest transaction risk place.

Website runescape 2007 gold trading should be the most popular way to buy the current purchase, usually in front of Google search are completely trustworthy, such as PA, etc., because the site operating platform investment costs higher, it may be higher than the price of some forums and privately Trading, but security is higher. You can see through the platform of the third party website customer feedback on the transaction, such as trustpilot norton sitejabber and so on.

In general the price and risk are inversely proportional to the proposed majority of buyers if not 100% sure you can choose a small number of transactions. The first thing we should pay attention to before purchasing is the reliability of the platform, not the price.

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