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Credit card or bitcoin, which is best for runescape players?

Credit card or bitcoin, which is best for runescape players?


With the continuous development of electronic payment, people pay more and more for shopping. Traditional face-to-face cash payments are increasingly being replaced by safer and faster payment methods, and more so with the purchase of online virtual game items. Today we come to discuss the players in the purchase of runescape 3 gold or rs 07 gold payment, which is the most suitable for you?

  • Paypal and credit card
  • Skrill and Perfectmoney
  • Western Union payments
  • Digital currency payment

Paypal is the most widely used online payment method in the world and is headquartered in the United States. Paypal is currently bundled with credit cards, according to to the hype website monitoring data show that 50.4% of visitors from the United States. Therefore, paypal is currently the runescape players to buy gold when the highest rate of payment. His advantage is that sellers can receive payment quickly, but there are some obvious pitfalls in the purchase of virtual game items. Sellers are concerned that buyers dispute the bill of payment upon completion of the transaction and require the buyer to provide personal identification and credit card image information. This is also the current sale of runescape gold site common practice, many customers due to fear of personal information disclosure and the time it takes too long lead to the failure of the purchase. In addition paypal in the small payment rate of more than 3% is also an important consideration.

The biggest difference between Skrill and Perfectmoney and paypal is the protection of the merchant, once the payment is successful, it can not be withdrawn. So merchants can be shipped without any concerns in the first place, making the transaction very quick and saving a lot of unnecessary review time. However, the premise is that you have to choose a regular and legitimate website to buy, if the private trading inside the forum and the risk is relatively high.

Western Union payment is also a common international payment method, most of the local banks are able to proxy Western Union, the payment is through the business name and address information can be paid online, the disadvantage is the higher rates, not suitable for small coins transaction.

Digital currency is the only payment method that has emerged in recent two years. The typical representative is bitcoin. Some of his things are high security, low rates, good privacy, and more and more people are accustomed to it. The disadvantage is the price volatility, instability. So people choose some of the more stable digital currency instead is a good choice, such as dogecoin and eth. At present, the major trading platforms and websites mostly accept bitcoin as the payment method for buying runescape 2007 gold.

In fact, regardless of the payment method, rate, time and security are the most important considerations, players can compare the best for their own payment.

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