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New World Coins

New world coins are the main currency in Amazon New World. It can be used to buy many items, including Gear, Armor, Potions and so on. There are many ways for players to obtain New World coins in the game: after killing monsters, players will find some coins in the booty, but it takes a lot of time to accumulate coins in this way. In order to make players get gold coins faster, we will provide players with cheap New World coins. No matter which faction you belong to, you can get the cheapest and safest gold from here. We have real gold farmers to provide you with coins in the game, so that players can enjoy the happiest game experience. Aeternum awaits, brave adventurer!

How to get new world coins ?

complete the task issued by the NPC.

Run expeditions.

Kills the monster, you will find some coins in the loot.

Craft and sell the items via trading posts.

Take gold from Company’s treasury Capture an opposing faction’s territory and charge hefty tax.

Note of New world coins trade:

When you are confused when you buy, please contact our live chat. We are online 24 / 7 and reply to you in time.

We will never disclose any important information about you to ensure the security of your personal information.

After you pay, if our staff can't complete the delivery within the effective time, we will refund you immediately.

The most important thing is that all our coins are produced by our own gold farmers team, so it is safe.

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