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Teleportation ring is convenient


The ring of dueling is an enchanted ring, is also a kind of equipment,it is a transmission ring that allows the lvl-2 to be attached to an emerald ring to give 37 magical experiences. Only members of the players can use the Ring of dueling.Exchang ...


Revenant Caves: where you can earn osrs gold


Revenant caves provide a lot of fun and anticipation for players. According to the statistics, Experienced players can earn 1.4m to 2.04m per hour at the Revenant Caves, But some players get more than that, and most players get less than that, You ...

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Mining and Smithing 2.0 coming !


This week's game update is good news for players in the game through mining and smelting, the new Mining and Smithing 2.0, which includes ore bag, upgrading equipment, decorating equipment, heating with the forge, non-competitive rocks, new tiers ...


February updates and fun activities


On the weekend of February 23, Runescape will host a 24-hour live broadcast of events and competitions at the special effects camp, where you can purchase this year's exclusive GameBlast package, in addition to GameBlast, the first double XP weeke ...


Leather Shields and Tournament Worlds in Old School Runescape


This week release the Leather shields update from last year and begin work on your suggestions for QoL month! You need to buy enough osrs gold to ready your arms, prepare your shield walls,and the battle is in sight.Let's take a look at the late ...


Who is the richest man in the UK game industry?


According to the Sunday Times wealth list, the richest people in the UK gaming industry are Andrew and Paul Gower, founder of Jagex, which developed studio RuneScape.

According to media reports, the two individuals own wealth has reached ...


About OSRS mobile beta has been invited players the latest news


Old School invited 2,000 players to test the Old School mobile version,This specified cohort provides the best feedback and performance data,This is an important reason they are chosen,Obviously, these players must be happy, this is what they have ...

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RuneScape: In-game purchases with Bitcoin


RuneScape is a Jagex game and Jagex is the UK's largest independent game developer and publisher. Most in-game purchases require you to first fill in the credit card and gift card information, the process cumbersome. Use bitcoin, instantly get it. ...


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